The Consultant

What Can I Do for You?

Stories and Pictures…

A storyteller by heart and mind, a story translator by trade, I’ve always had a knack with words and pictures. When others tell their stories, I listen, hear, and think in pictures. It’s truly who I am.

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the originators of Superman and Rock and Roll. A series of family events led me to enlist (rather than pursue an art degree) and experience an amazing stint in Vietnam which eventually landed me in Central New York. After spending 25 years building successful advertising businesses in Central New York, I watched as the business, industry and physical climate turn to ice. In May of 2003 I packed up the family and moved to a warmer, friendlier Central Florida.

As frequently is the case, one’s passions become one’s occupation. I’ve heard hundreds of business “stories” and successfully translated them into image, sales and profit. The tools of the trade have changed, the fundamentals have not, and I’ve become very good at those.

I come with a “built-in” strong work ethic, proven leadership skills, diverse professional skills, many years of practical experience, and a reputation for “getting the job done”, on-time, within budget, with better than anticipated successful results.

Practical Matters…

  • I still draw… everyday.
  • Proud that I’ve been able to help businesses look great, grow and profit more. I’d like to help you.
  • Passionate about marketing / advertising, design and creative problem solving.
  • Highly proficient in marketing, media planning, creative and art direction, pre-press production, digital media, and copywriting.
  • Hungry for knowledge, while embracing technological change.
  • Proven work ethic, commitment to quality, careful detail with strong organizational, leadership & team building skills.
  • Highly skilled multi-disciplinarian, self-motivated individual with 40+ years of experience in the fields of marketing/advertising/PR, commercial art (traditional & digital), graphic arts, graphic design & production, vocational education and creative, marketing & sales management.
  • Degrees in Advertising Design, Vocational Technical Education and Information Design.
  • Twenty six (+) years of formal teaching experience (levels 1-12 + college), at all levels of ability. It’s my way of “paying forward”.
  • Experienced with multiple operating systems (Windows, MAC, UNIX & Linux) an array of digital graphics programs, most peripherals, web development & design and multimedia.
  • Oh… and I can build, fix and/or fabricate pretty much anything, thanks to a life of working with tools and materials.